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B2C Twitter Series: Why Customers Love Twitter For Customer Service

The customer isn’t always right. We all know that. Nevertheless, a good, helpful and effective customer service is an integral part of any successful business, big or small. Overlooking your customer’s needs and feedback is like signing up to fail. Instead you should always work on improving your customer service, ensuring that it is always as up-to-date as it needs to be to satisfy your clientele.

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Is Facebook Your New CV?

It’s no secret that social media and other web-based applications are becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives. In recent years, we’ve seen new technologies provide us with accurately personalised, targeted adverts. We’ve seen databases that act as the backbone for businesses worldwide and supposedly 1 in 5 of us let our computer fix us up with a life-long partner!

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The Dog Ate My Tablet | Why Homework May Be A Thing Of The Past

In every class, there is one. Whether they deliberated until the morning it was due, couldn’t be bothered or forgot altogether, when the time comes to hand in the day’s homework, he or she will be sitting ready with a sheepish smile and an excuse as to why, yet again, no work is forthcoming.

Now, however, with the advent of modern technology and rapidly advancing aids to learning, that student may never need an excuse again.

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