Do you sometimes contemplate what it would be like to give up your day job and start something fresh and new? Ever wondered if there’s a way you could make freelancing work for you? Today we’re sharing 3 vital ways you can make your dream become a reality:

Make a decision and stick to it because if you don’t you’ll never reach your full potential. Although it is a smart idea to start your freelance venture on the side of a full-time job (as many people do), there will come a time when you have to decide which pathway to take – after all, if you want a business to work you do have to put your all into it and doing so with a full-time job on top of things can be highly stressful, and sometimes impossible.

Showcase your experience well or otherwise you’ll miss out on great opportunities that could have worked perfectly for you. Knowing that you can deliver the service well is one thing, what you need to worry about as a freelancer is convincing everyone else. Freelancers work on so many different projects, many of which will be small and short term, with multiple clients, meaning that writing a CV to represent the work you’ve done can be a difficult and usually requires a large process of elimination. Learn and develop a way that you can showcase your work better. It may be a case study to take to client visits, or an online portfolio to hold multiple projects.

Seek out the right projects and have a clear vision in mind before you start. If you begin taking on masses of work that you’d rather not be doing, it’s likely you’ll continue to attract similar projects. To attract the right projects you need to seek them out, as they won’t always come to you unless your advertising is completely on point and successfully reaching all the right people. There’s an old-fashioned way to do this and that’s networking – but remember that you can now do that online too! Build relationships with the people and companies you want to work with, join business communities in your area and make it clear what you do.

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