Why Self-Publish?

Self-publishing is easier than ever in this modern world. There any plenty of ways you can get your content out there for the world to see, with the internet of course being the biggest and best way to do so.

I’m sure those of you reading this are well aware of disadvantages that everyone speaks of with regards to self-publishing, but as times change, so do the pro’s and con’s.

Traditional publishing companies have been renowned for being behind some of the world’s best sellers, but this too is changing. Now self-publishers have the ability to reach just as many people with their words, and from our experience the best salesperson for a book is the author.

Similar to any task, there are various different approaches you can take to achieve the outcome you want. In publishing there are two ways to publish a book, both of which have their disadvantages, but one does seem to have more benefits and that’s self-publishing.

As writers who have experience of both paths, today we wanted to share the benefits of self-publishing with you. Consider these:

You get to follow your own timeline and although that may not first seem to be a pull for you to self-publish, it will be once you’ve worked with a traditional agent or publisher. Often, the traditional publishing timeline is excessive, and takes a zen-like level of patience – and that’s before you’ve even been accepted. Even JK Rowling got rejected for Harry Potter 10+ times before finally landing a deal that turned her into a millionaire.

Instead, self-publish and you’ll get things done a lot quicker. You won’t have to wait on other people, and instead you can get stuck in getting done what needs to be done to make the book a bestseller. Self-publishing gets your book out there as soon as you want, and if you’ve hired the right editor there’s no reason why this is a compromise. It is without a doubt more motivating to know you can get it printed a few months after completion, rather than simply expecting and accepting that it will take years.

You can control your own story, platform and pricing and trust us, this stuff matters. Although getting picked up by a publishing house is exciting, you are ultimately signing over your book to someone else. It’s possible the editor will want to change plenty of things you want to keep in the book, and you don’t have the freedom to draw the line. However, when you self-publish you are in charge, and you can draw the line. Also, wouldn’t you want to choose the book’s cover yourself? Or decide the price you want to sell it at and how it should be distributed?

You’ll receive higher royalties, and if you didn’t already know this can and will surely make a huge difference to your earnings. Publishing houses usually take at least 85%, and the your agent gets a chunk of what’s left. That means that whatever success you do achieve will be shared out and usually not fairly. You may sell less books self-publishing, but you’re probably still earn more!

The timing is just right and you’d be silly not to take advantage of this. If you’ve got a book waiting, already written – what are you waiting for!? We are in an age where self-published books have an ever better chance than ever of making it big. Don’t believe us? Get a load of this: 1-in-3 ebooks sold on Amazon are self-published.

As you can see, the benefits of self-publishing in 2015 are bigger than ever before. We’re not against traditional publishing, but we do believe that a new approach is needed for writers and self-publishing on the web provides this.


Image credits & further reading: http://sunbubblesmedia.com/self-publishing-on-kindle/