Connecting with customers isn’t always easy if you’re not sure how, but you don’t have to be a brand builder or content marketer to learn that there’s one fool-proof way to make copy resonate with potential clients and that’s using the same language as them.

It’s simple really. People want to know 3 things: what your company is, what it does and who it serves. Cut out the fancy words, stop trying to over-complicate things in a bid to describe your value proposition like no other and instead always keep in mind that nothing will accelerate your brand more than speaking with clarity.

If you can implement this, you’re on your way up. Conversely, if you are reading this with a look of confusion or dismay on your face, it’s best you read on, as we’ll be teaching you 3 simple steps to learning your customers language.

Here we go:

1. Keep your ears open

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What you think your customers like isn’t always what they actually like, and if you’ve learned this the hard way you’re not alone – most businesses have. However, you can avoid getting brand messaging wrong simply by taking the time to listen to your customers.

Though you may see yourself as the expert in your particular field, it is the consumer that ultimately controls the market. Every industry has its own lingo, and working out if your customers have their own is the first step to creating a style guide for copy that will actually do the job it is there to do.

Take some time to understand the language your customers are using and adapt it to your business needs. For example, which phrases are most commonly used to describe your brand? Can you incorporate their wordings into campaigns? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself all the time, but if you need fast insights then the best alternative is to interview your customers.

In an interview with one of your customers, it can help to be inquisitive about their business. Find out how they tackle problems and how they approach their average working day. As you listen, take note of the phrases, words, sayings and stories they share. This is their language, and now it can be yours.

2. Be more open to interaction

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Learning a new language is always scary, but shying away from using the language you need to in order to accelerate sales is even scarier if you ask us! Much like they say, the best way to learn a language is to fall in love with someone who speaks it, a company should become obsessed with interacting with its customers. Immerse yourself in your typical consumers’ environment and start interacting with them on their terms – there’s no better or quicker way to gain such true insights.

3. Obtain feedback 

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We’ve spoken a lot in previous posts about how social media can be a great way to obtain feedback in real-time, but as such a public online platform it’s not always the best place to request critiques. There are lots of other ways to gather customer insights, particularly when it’s related to brand messaging. For sales reps, consultants and marketers, we’d suggest something like Win/Loss Cards. For everyone else, something like Pizza Nova would be suitable.

It takes a little effort, but learning to use the same language as your customers doesn’t need a great deal of actual investment. Like we said before, you don’t need to be an expert brand builder to carry out these 3 steps and use them to your businesses advantage.

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