Knowing how to prepare for an interview properly comes with a lot of practice and years of advice. To help you polish up your techniques, calm your nerves and enhance your chances of coming across in the best light possible we’ve put together some top tips on getting ready for a job interview.

Do your own research

During an interview you will be asked plenty of questions, some of which will be extremely difficult to answer if you have not done any research on the organisation or role your applying for. Try to remember important facts, like when the company was founded, what exactly it does and what it would expect from you. Consider how you can relate your own interests and experiences to the job in hand.

Create your own Q&A

Think up some questions, or research the common ones asked and then answer them accordingly. Thinking of answers ahead of the interview can help you to approach them in a calm, assertive and professional manner.

Plan ahead

You will need to arrive with at least 10 minutes to spare before the interview, so it’s vital that you plan your journey a day or so before. This way you can have a rough estimate of the time it will take you to travel and from the destination. Always carry directions or a map with you to prevent getting lost.

You should also organise what you plan to wear on the day to ensure good timekeeping. Make sure that everything is ironed, clean and appropriate for the occasion. Click here for outfit ideas.

Carry the correct documents

A large part of coming prepared is carrying the correct documents with you. As a general rule, you should bring a letter of application, your CV, some notes and a pen and notepad. Asking to borrow things such as a pen and paper gives off the impression that you are unprepared, reliant and incompetent.

Concentrate on your confidence

Nerves are natural – every body gets them every so often. However, they sometimes get in the way of speaking, thinking and listening to the best of your ability. Leaving your self-confidence behind can make you forget the simplest of things such as smiling and looking interested. Boost your confidence and as a result, you’ll calm your nerves. You can do so by giving yourself time to think about your achievements, unique qualities and what you believe you could bring to the organisation.

If you suffer from nerves that are slightly harder to kick, try some natural remedies such as Calms and Rescue Remedy, both of which help to relax the nerves. The more practice and feedback you get, the better you’ll be!

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