The customer isn’t always right. We all know that. Nevertheless, a good, helpful and effective customer service is an integral part of any successful business, big or small. Overlooking your customer’s needs and feedback is like signing up to fail. Instead you should always work on improving your customer service, ensuring that it is always as up-to-date as it needs to be to satisfy your clientele.

Social media is a new yet excellent tool proven to benefit businesses in terms of great customer support. As a result of having great customer support brands find themselves building a much wider audience, providing a better overall experience to their consumers and creating a good brand representation.

If you’re looking to add a new dynamic to your current customer service strategy, or even if you want to cut out direct emails, phone calls and live chats all together, then Twitter may just be the answer you’re looking for. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why customers love Twitter for customer service:

It is FAST

Living in the 21st century is all about luxury and speed. We have the ability to access so many different things at just the touch of a few buttons, so why should we wait on hold for 15 minutes just to speak to the customer service team? Consumers want answers now, and Twitter enables you (and forces you) to provide resolutions speedily. This may be a scary thought to many business owners, but it’s our future – get used to it! Hiring a social media consultant who can handle this for you is probably a bright idea.

Visibility and publicity

Being able to publicly answer questions enables other customers to see not only how you handle certain situations, but also gives them access to answers they may have been looking for. Call it the updated FAQ!

Consumers get to connect with you on a personal level

Social media is all about networking. Your fans, followers and potential customers will see you as far more involved, current and accessible simply by being on Twitter. Feedback is easier to manage and acknowledge, helping to create a truly solid relationship between you and your customers.

It’s super convenient

As the online market continues to grow at a rapid pace, more and more people are using social media for various things on a daily basis. Some of these ‘things’ include researching brands, communicating with them and attaining contact details.

It makes things easy

The use of hashtags and other tools found on Twitter today helps to make customer service far easier to implement. For example, hashtags allow you and your customers to follow your conversations and view mentions of your company. You can communicate with more than one person at once, you can direct message people for private matters and you can make public announcements for all to see.

As a consumer, do you like to find the brands you love using social media? Use the comments section below to start a discussion or come back tomorrow for series 2, in which we will why businesses need Twitter.

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