Social media is the ideal B2C customer service platform for a variety of different reasons. Not only is it a popular choice with consumers themselves, it is also favourable with brands. Here’s why:

It gives you the ability to stamp out bad vibes

Consumers are more likely to highlight a bad experience they’ve had than a good one, and often the easiest place to do this is online. However, Twitter gives you the ability to stamp out any bad vibes, fight your corner and support customers by providing solutions in real-time. Without an online presence you will not be notified of these online happenings and you will have little control over your brand image.

Providing a personalised service that WORKS

Twitter is an extremely versatile platform, meaning that you can run it in a way that will work for you and your brand. Customers love the fact that they can communicate with real people rather than having to fill out forms and search for contact numbers. Twitter allows you to introduce real personalities from your customer support team. The savviest companies online today even provide photos of their customer service reps to enhance trust between the business and consumer.

Instant gratification

Like we mentioned before, consumers want their problems solved with the least amount of hassle, and Twitter is a way of providing this. It shows that you are committed to handing issues quickly and efficiently and allows you to respond almost instantly to their comments, questions and concerns. And this can be seen publicly.

Stay ahead of the game

Twitter also allows you some insight to what other companies and brands are doing and how they manage their own customer service. By having access to this on a daily basis, you can begin to notice trends and as a result can start to provide your clientele with what it is they actually want. You can also create opportunities with potential brand ambassadors and advertisers.

Real-time feedback

Good feedback is something that is now shared more and more via Twitter. Bloggers post their reviews, consumers share their love for brands, products and experiences and companies build empires. Acknowledging those that are supporting your brand or company in a positive way enhances and solidifies the relationship.

Creating a positive online community

Word of mouth is still around, but now online communities have the power to reach millions worldwide. Twitter acts as a great place to create a positive online community and does so on a scale that can only be imagined! The possibilities are endless…

Do you use Twitter for customer service? What type of experience have you had? Use the comments section below to have your say!

image credit with thanks to Atladas Media